what is penta's water source?

Penta is sourced from a natural aquifer in California. Rain and snow percolate down high mountain peaks and this water collects underground beneath a protective seal of solid rock and clay until we bring it to the surface for bottling. We make every effort to preserve the water’s natural qualities before purification and pull thousands of water samples annually at our source to ensure optimum quality from the start.

what makes penta's water ultra-pure?

Penta is truly the definition of ultra-pure bottled water because of our science. Our U.S. patented, 13-step purification process meticulously filters every drop of water over the course of 11 hours to remove more harmful pollution and impurities than any other bottled water on the market.

what’s not in penta's water?

Penta is arsenic-free, chlorine-free, chromium 6-free, fluoride-free, MTBE-free, pharmaceutical-free, sodium bicarbonate-free, and BPA/BPS-free with total dissolved solids of less than one part per million. Penta’s water is also free of pesticides and other trace impurities such as lead. We never add harmful chemicals or artificial additives such as chlorine, which is a widely used chemical to disinfect drinking water.

To see the full list of contaminants permitted in standard bottled water please visit the EPA’s Glossary of Contaminants and the US government’s Requirements for Bottled Water.

what type of plastic is used for penta's bottle?

Penta’s bottle is made from high-grade PET plastic approved by the FDA for beverages that is BPA/BPS-free, color-free and 100% recyclable.

is penta eco-friendly?

We care about the environment and make every effort to minimize our footprint. Penta’s purification and bottling are powered entirely by clean, green solar energy. We also bottle our water near the source to reduce transportation resources. Penta’s bottle and label are made out of 100% recyclable plastic and from the same material so the label does not have to be removed during recycling.

where can I purchase penta?

Penta is available at natural health food stores such as Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market, independent retailers and select major grocery stores nationwide. Please see our store locator to find a location near you.

how can I get penta at my next event?

Please fill out our contact form with a brief description on your event and we’ll be in touch.

does penta offer subscription services for delivery to my home or office?

Yes, a full offering of Penta water is available in our online shop. Order as often as you like or sign up for our subscription service that allows you to customize your delivery schedule to best fit your hydration needs.

how can I become a penta retail partner?

Please fill out our contact form for immediate assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!

how can I become a penta brand ambassador?

Live an intentionally pure lifestyle? Please fill out our contact form to chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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