Our Story

Everyday is an opportunity for self-improvement, a chance to achieve greatness. Today is no different. Today, you are going to shine, exceed your potential, and fall in love with yourself all over again.

Hopefully, like Penta Water, you are all in, because the path to greatness is stubborn in its demands. Familiar with this path, we at Penta Water have journeyed along it tirelessly, ensuring that when you drink our water, you aren’t diverted from your own path to greatness. Instead, you are left immediately rejuvenated, healthier, happier, and one step closer to your goals. 

At Penta Water, our path to greatness has consisted of scientific research so that we can provide you with healthier and better tasting water - water that is so pure that your soul thanks you every time you drink it. 

Penta Water is the first bottled water company to use an ultra-purifying process, leaving the water free of any unhealthy, unwelcome contaminants unlike other bottled waters on the market. No arsenic, chlorine, chromium 6, fluoride, lead, MTBE, pharmaceuticals or pesticides, all thanks to the 13/11 Penta process: 13 steps and 11 hours for each bottle to be less than 1 part per million Total Dissolved Solids. That’s a whole lot purer than any other water out there. Thank you science.

So, if you are as committed to greatness as we are, it’s time to make a choice. One doesn’t just happen upon Penta. They choose it.

Penta is your foundation.

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