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penta partners with autism hope alliance

 AHA is a non-profit organization that actively research and recommend certain products that are beneficial to the health of its community and their families. Due to the purity of Penta, they have given us the ‘AHA Autism Approved Seal’. As autistic children are hypersensitive to chemicals and other harmful substances present in processed food and some waters, the importance of eating organically grown produce and drinking water free of toxins is crucial to their wellbeing. 

People with autism are often found to have a build-up of toxicity from exposure to chemicals and environmental poisons. Kristin Selby Gonzalez, President and Chairman of AHA, has a child on the autism spectrum, and as such, knows the importance of purity and natural PH in maintaining a healthy immune system and lifestyle. “Over the years I had learned that purity of water and PH was crucial. When I came across Penta and learned what made them stand out, I immediately began purchasing the water for my son”, she says. “My son’s immune system is very sensitive, so I have to give him the best products I can find, and I feel very confident I am giving my child the best quality water with Penta.”

The AHA’s seal of approval recognizes products that promote a clean diet and healthy lifestyle. “If we can save time, frustration and confusion for a family to learn about companies that are high quality like Penta, than we are helping that family on a road to health faster”, says Gonzalez.  So, why Penta? Penta is the only ultra purified water with less than 1ppm dissolved solids, making it at least 100x more pure than leading brands. Penta’s patented 13 step 11-hour purification process combines proven technology to remove more impurities than any other bottled water.

Through our partnership with AHA, Penta is proudly donating to programs that help families affected by Autism, whilst also donating bottled water to provide those same families with the purist form of water possible. “I’m not an expert in water, just a mom who wants the best for my son”, says Gonzalez, and Penta is proud to be considered worthy of the title.


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