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penta celebrates 5 years of solar power

We’re always psyched to hear of increased support for the sustainable solar cause, but we can’t help but feel a little ahead of the curve on this one. Because this year, Penta celebrates 5 years of purifying and bottling our water by the power of the sun! Meaning over here at Penta, we were making lemonade with Mother Nature’s fruits before Blue Ivy was even born. 

That’s right—Penta is powered by the sun. Being based in Southern California, it makes perfect sense for us to utilize our brightest star. Since 2011, under the guiding wings of United Beverage, all of Penta’s bottling productions are solar powered. We source and bottle Penta’s high performance bottled water in SoCal, and use the light and heat that our super persistent sun emits to power the entire purification and bottling process. Actually, we are the only water made 100% with solar power. Our ethos and passion has always been maintaining a clean lifestyle, and that extends to the environment around us. By harnessing the sun’s natural energy and transforming it into clean, green, renewable electricity we are helping protect the environment by using an energy source that does not pollute the air with harmful toxins like fossil fuels do. So, now you have another reason to feel good about drinking Penta water. It’s pure in every sense—from sourcing, to purification, to production, and finally, to taste bud!

Did you know that the entire world’s electric energy usage is only 56.7 exajoules a year, yet 3.85 million exajoules of energy from the sun are absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere annually?! That’s a hell of a lot more energy than we need—and it’s all clean. In fact, research has shown that if we could capture just 10% of the sun’s energy, we’d have the capacity to replace all fossil fuel sources that are polluting the earth and speeding the effects of global warming.

So while we’ve only just skimmed the surface of the topic, we hope we’ve got you thinking about making the solar switch like we did at Penta. Even if you’re five years behind us, it’s better late than never. Do it for the children, do it for the world, and most importantly, do it for Leo.


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