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How Penta Did Coachella '16

How Penta Did Coachella '16

Oh boy. Coachella 2016 just happened, and it’s gonna take us a minute to process what just went down. Helicopters. Uber lounges. Free socks.

Over the course of two weekends—conveniently named Weekend 1 and Weekend 2—Penta was everywhere the desert wind blew. We kicked off the festivities by teaming up with Uber to offer a once-in-a-lifetime choppertunity. That’s right, we took it to the sky and joined the mile high. Powered by BLADE, Uber offered festivalgoers a seat on an airbus EC-130 helicopter as their mode of transport to Coachella. Patrons were transported to the tarmac in style thanks to UberSUV, with every ride stocking our exclusive co-branded 12oz bottles of Penta for the journey.

Drivers delivered droves of desert dwellers to the awesome BLADE Lounge at Van Nuys Airport, which boasted an open bar, delicious treats, and Penta water to keep the herd hydrated. Less than an hour later, upon touching down in Coachella Valley, we were waiting to greet them at the Indio BLADE Desert lounge, cocktails in one hand, Penta in the other.

So, just to recap—from the door to the desert, our specially co-branded 12oz bottle traveled in every UberSUV and chopper to and from the festival. That’s a lot of sand scorched miles. No wonder we’re so exhausted, but wait—it didn’t end there. Every UberCHOPPER guest was gifted an incredible BYRD Weekend Survival Kit, with HIS and HERS kits featuring the likes of BYRD Hairdo products, Richer Poorer socks, Body Bauble, and Shade Sunscreen. Knowing the desert can leave you high and dry, we slipped a Penta ‘On Demand’ flier inside every kit, offering a free case of Penta delivered to your Coachella Casa. One thirsty recipient reportedly alerted friends that he thought he’d hallucinated the case at his door, much like a desert mirage. We’ve crunched some numbers, and we can confidently declare that our On Demand offer saved the lives of thousands by Monday morning. 

While we had Uber travellers well and truly covered all weekend, we didn’t forget about our thirsty friends already wandering the festival grounds. For those on the inside, we armed the Uber Lounge’s fridges to the teeth with Penta, serving the drivers and riders of Coachella long into the night. 

So, there you have it. Penta did Coachella and we lived to tell the tale. For all those who joined us somewhere along the way—thank you! And to all those who missed out, there’s always next year. We might just need to take a little power nap first.


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