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What is Penta Water®?

Penta Ultra-Purified Water is a leading premium bottled water nationwide in the Natural Channel, coveted for the experience of clean and complete hydration. 

“Ultra purified” water is distinct from standard purified water. 

Penta is the only “ultra-purified” water with less than 1ppm* dissolved solids. Making it at least 100x more pure than leading brands.

By 13 steps 11 hours of purification we filter out more impurities than any other bottled water. We do not use any chemicals or artificial additives.

*Approximate TDS <1 part per million.

What sets Penta Water apart from other bottled water?

Penta is the first patented bottled water in the world for its process and composition that may be absorbed into the body's cells more quickly for superior hydration.

Our process combines proven and proprietary technology to remove more impurities than any other bottled water and formulate a special balance of oxygen and PH. It is the only ultra-pure bottled water to reach a purity level of less than 1 part million TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).  



Does Penta add any chemicals or artificial additives in the process?

The 13/11 Penta Process does not use any chemicals or artificial additives.


i.e. Cl Chlorine is a widely used chemical to disinfect drinking water. Chlorine can generate carcinogenic byproducts, such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, which may pose health risks.

(Government Source: http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/basicinformation/disinfectants.cfm)

Does Penta contain arsenic, chromium 6, fluoride, lead, MTBE, pharmaceuticals, or pesticides?

Penta Water is free from arsenic, chromium 6, fluoride, lead, MTBE, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and many more trace impurities.

The 13/11 Penta Process effectively detects and filters out trace contaminants that some public water systems and bottled water companies cannot or simply do not because of cost or lack of technology.


To see a full list of contaminants allowed in bottled water, click on the Government source link below.

As Arsenic is a highly toxic inorganic substance that is classified as a category 1 carcinogen causing cancer by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The EPA sets a goal level of 0, but because of cost and/or inability to detect and remove Arsenic is allowed in tap/bottled water up to the legal limit of 10ppb.

Cr(VI) Chromium 6 is an odorless and tasteless metallic element that is a byproduct of industrialization. In 2010, the EPA proposed to classify chromium-6 as carcinogenic and posing serious health risks. Chromium-6 is allowed in tap/bottled water up to the legal limit of 100ppb.

F- Fluoride is an additive and/or discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories. Excessive exposure can lead to bone disease and more serious health conditions. Fluoride is allowed in tap/bottled water up to the legal limit of 4 mg/L.

Pb Lead is a toxic metal and exposure even at low levels may cause a range of health effects including behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and brain defects. The EPA sets a goal level of 0, but because of cost and/or inability to detect and remove Lead, it is allowed in tap/bottled water up to the legal limit of 0.015 ppm.

MTBE or methyl-t-butyl ether is a volatile organic chemical used in gasoline. It leaches from underground storage tanks, pipelines, and watercrafts into drinking water sources. Health effects are still being determined. MTBE is allowed in tap/bottled water up to the legal limit of 40 micrograms per liter.

Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides are present in drinking water sources and exposure can lead to various health risks. Please see US FDA/EPA link below for a full list and description of pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

Information on allowable levels of contaminants taken from Government, U.S. EPA/FDA sources:

Glossary of Contaminants: http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/basicinformation/

Requirements for Bottled Water:http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=e8b7a7992ba5413d50490c47e2f2e69b&rgn=div5&view=text&node=21:

Does Penta have minerals?

Penta Water's purpose is instant hydration.

High mineral content can slow down the hydration process and cause bloating or fullness. Health practitioners believe food is the best whole source of minerals and any trace amounts in drinking water are negligible.

What is the PH level of Penta?

Penta Water has a natural pH. No alkaline chemicals or additives are used to alter its natural pH

Is Penta's plastic safe?

Yes. Penta Water's bottle is made from plastic that is BPA & BPS free, color free, and 100% recyclable.

Why are other bottled waters cheaper?

Penta Water is priced similar to other premium bottled water brands in its category, such as FIJI, VOSS, Smart Water, Evian, and Mountain Valley.

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Is Penta environmentally friendly?

The Penta Water Company cares about the environment and minimizing its footprint. The Penta Water bottle and label are made out of 100% recyclable plastic and from the same material so the label does not have to be removed from the bottle when recycling. The Penta Water Company is completely solar powered, using green energy to produce Penta Water start to finish. The Penta Water Company also opts to use local resources

Where is Penta Water available?

Penta Water is available nationwide at natural health food stores and select major grocery stores. See our store locator to find a store near you. Penta Water is always available on our website with complimentary free shipping on all orders. Order Online

How is Penta Water different from distilled water?

Penta Water has the highest level of purity standards and does not use chemicals that may be used in some distilled water purification processes. 

Where does the water originate?

In efforts to conserve the environment, the Penta Water Company opts to use local resources to reduce environmental costs and wastes associated with the transportation of water from remote sources.

Penta Water sources water from natural underground aquifer located in San Bernardino, California. The San Bernardino Mountain range reaches the tallest peak in all of Southern California. Layers of solid rock and clay provide an impervious protective cover for the aquifer’s water that percolates as rain and snow from the tops of the mountains. The water remains underground until it is brought to the surface for use, maintaining the water’s natural qualities as much as possible before purification, and ensuring the water is not exposed to possible contamination by a variety of man made contaminants through transportation or storage.

The aquifer source is constantly tested to ensure quality. Over 6,000 samples of the water are taken throughout the year on which 30,000 labs are done to test for more than 130 possible contaminants.

Is Penta safe for infants, children, Immune-compromised persons including elderly persons, persons with allergies, persons with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, persons with HIV or AIDS or other immune system disorders?

Yes. Penta is safe for everyone because it is free of contaminants and chemicals that are potentially harmful or disease causing to those persons who are immune-compromised and at particular risk of infection.

Should Penta be used when taking vitamins and supplements or mixing with protein powders, baby formulas, etc.?

Penta starts you with the perfect base. Ultra-pure Penta Water is possibly the best "piggyback" into your body's system, and there are no additives in Penta Water that can react with or alter your vitamins, supplements, protein powders, baby formulas, etc.