So you have a fitness routine, now what? These simple, yet powerful tools can complement your routine and help you be even more successful in achieving your fitness goals and live happy, healthy, and pure.

Morning detox with hot water, lemon and turmeric

When you wake up in the morning, you’re perfectly positioned to take advantage of the work your body has been doing all night. During sleep our body performs maintenance and repair on our organs, tissues, blood and cells. We have also been fasting for six to ten hours (hopefully). This means our body is empty and rebooted— and it is perfect time to flush our system of any lingering toxins with a hydrating and anti-inflammatory drink of turmeric and lemon. Packed with vitamin C and other nutrients, this drink boosts the immune system, brightens skin, and jump-starts digestion by stimulating the release of enzymes. The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric softens stiff muscles or joints, and helps neutralize acidity that comes from stress, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. Starting your morning with this mixture will energize and activate your entire system, and give you the best start to a purer, healthier day.

Pre-workout nourishment

There is varying opinions on whether or not you should eat before a workout. Some believe that working out on an empty stomach allows you to access reserve calories and see faster results, while others posit that glucose from carbohydrates fuels a harder, better workout. Considering both sides, it appears that our best decision would be to have something light that is quickly accessible by our body so that we can endure those last couple minutes or reps that matter the most. One option for pre-workout fuel is fruit. Fruit is able to provide us energy from its content of natural sugar as well as vitamin B, electrolytes, fiber, and micronutrients. These support healthy function of the organs, effective contraction of muscles, and stimulation of blood and oxygen flow to cells. Fruit is extremely fast digesting, so nutrients are more readily available to your body with little energy used to access those nutrients. Fruit is also a fast burning form of sugar, so your body can quickly convert the fruit sugar into glucose and use it for energy. Your body will still have to access and burn stored fat for fuel, but fruit will give you a little bit of help to push your limits. Try grapefruit, bananas, dates, pitaya, apples or berries like acai for a pre-workout boost. You can sprinkle them with cinnamon to more slowly distribute the sugar into your blood stream, giving you a prolonged and stable source of energy.

Hydrate the night before

The Sports Journal published a study that found for even just 5% dehydration, which can happen in less than 45 minutes, a persons’ physical capacity can be reduced by up to 30%. Actively hydrating with Penta Water before, during, and after a workout can ensure that you get the most out of your efforts and don’t burn out before you’re finished. Make sure to hydrate early. It typically takes about 45 minutes to become hydrated, and guzzling water right before your workout can cause you to cramp and experience discomfort during your set of squat jumps. When your cells are properly hydrated, your performace and endurance is is enhanced. Start early, preferably the night before, taking small sips so when its time to workout your body is ready to reach its physical capacity.

Get the right protein

Eating a bioavailable form of protein after working out will take your results to the next level. Protein is the foundation of tissue repair and muscle growth and aids in the formation of critical neurotransmitters in our brains, not to mention lustrous hair and glowing skin. Bioavailability refers to the ease and speed at which our bodies can process and use nutrients from a food source. Some food is high in protein, but it takes a lot of work for the body to access that protein, taking away from other post-workout activity the body needs to do for repair after physical exertion. Whole eggs, whey, spirulina and hemp seeds are all extremely bioavailable sources of protein that will give your body what it needs without expelling excessive energy in breaking down and extracting protein. Eating bioavailable protein speeds up recovery, improves results, and enables your body to better take care of itself after intense activity, making it an essential part of your fitness routine.

Roll it out

Sore muscles not only make life super uncomfortable, they prevent you from getting back at it day after day. Sore muscles are a symptom of tiny injuries to your muscle fibers and connective tissues. Pain also comes from buildup of lactic acid. Using a foam roller after exercise is an excellent self-massage tool that helps reduce soreness and swelling while promoting oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow to large muscles. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which is critical for a healthy and strong immune system. Getting used to a foam roller can take some time as it can be very painful at first, so be easy on yourself, your body will be releasing a lot of tension and acid. As you get more comfortable with it, this tool has the power to transform your recovery and your body by strengthening muscles and improving tone.


Having structure around your workout routine will take your fitness to a whole new level, improving results, expediting recovery, and nourishing your entire being. Ample hydration makes all the difference when it comes to an innovative fitness regimen that supports your health and happiness. Penta is the ultimate choice for water because its low level of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) makes it more hydrating than other waters with mineral content or trace contaminants. Penta has less than one part per million TDS, which means it is the most pure water you can buy to support fast, effective hydration.