New Year, new you, right? Not quite... Consider a different way to approach 2015 with New Year's resolutions that are more healthy, rewarding, and lasting, for a lifetime.  

How did last year’s resolutions work out for you? Did you stop eating sweets? Did you work out 5x a week? Did you save more money? Were you nicer to your family? Were you more of a “yes” person? Most of us are probably still over indulging, working out on and off (mostly off), spending more than we should, getting upset about trivial things, and feeling slightly lame because we stayed in on a Friday night.

It seems like these New Year's resolutions lack any real substance and what we are really after is a feeling of contentment, happiness, confidence, and self-realization.

In 2015, training your mind instead of your body will be your best resolution yet.

Practicing mindfulness can allow you to accomplish your goals and start feeling the way you want to feel, in a more successful and long-lived way.

Here is how to be more mindful in 2015:

Be naive

We shouldn’t have to train our minds to recognize happiness, but in this day and age we do. There is so much comparison and competition. You will always be able to think of something or someone better and your mind says, “If I just had ____ I would be happy”. Sorry, but some things you aren’t meant to have or be. Wishing for them is wasting time and energy and a sure way to keep you from ever experiencing happiness.

In 2015 you will achieve real happiness. Real happiness which never comes nor goes, but simply is.You will be more childlike and you will celebrate all things, no matter how big or small. You won’t be caught up in wishful thinking. You will allow yourself to feel happiness, as it is meant to feel, naïve and simple.

Live in the Moment

It is easy to get caught up in what we have to do today, what we did yesterday, and we will do tomorrow. We spend time overthinking yesterdays mistakes, stressing about todays tasks, and analyzing what might happen tomorrow. Are you still thinking about something that you did in 2005? It is time to move on. Are you worried about old age? You may never live to be old.

Stop being exasperated and weighed down by these kinds of thoughts. You will miss what is actually happening in your life right now, and regret it later on— it’s a never-ending cycle. It is time to hop out of it!

In 2015 you will live more in the moment. You will release yourself from past regret and future worriedness. You will wake up and smile at the morning sun, you will be more engaged in conversations with your family and friends, you will embrace moments more fully with sight, sound, and smell, and less with your phone.

Pay Tribute

Each day is new and significant. We are born in one day, and we die in one day. And we live everyday day in between. 

Sometimes we forget this. Our routines have blurred each day into months and months into years. We only take note of our day in our calendars and to-do-list and it takes us more than it should to recognize an “important” day. 

Once we are mindful of today’s importance we can aim to achieve greater things. How will you pay tribute to this day? Each day gives many opportunities to pay tribute, unto others and our self. Whether it is getting one of those burdensome tasks out of the way, apologizing to someone you wronged, or enduring five more reps in your workout, pay some sort of tribute to each day to feel a sense of importance and accomplishment.  

In 2015 I will pay tribute to each day. I am restored and reinvigorated despite yesterday. Today, I will do something better than I did it yesterday. I will commit my full energy. I won’t think about what I did earlier or what I have to do later, I will do what I have to do now. My thoughts will be clear and focused. Each day, I will take one step, even just a small one, closer to one of my goals.


The big question everyone wonders about himself or herself is, “What is my passion?” We go through life trying to figure this out. Some of us are born knowing, others pursue the answer by quest, and then some sit back and wait on something. We set plans, goals, and thoughts accordingly. 

Trying to discover our passion turns into something complicated, when actually it is as simple as getting to know yourself. What do you actually like? What makes you genuinely excited? What are the reoccurring thoughts and inspirations in your head? 

This is the practice of responding to the simple cues of your heart and mind. There are natural tendencies that each of us have that are different from the person next to us. Over time our surrounding has an effect on them and we loose sight of their presence and suppress them.  

In 2015 I will start to look deeper into myself and what guides my heart. I will take notice of the things I truthfully enjoy and be curious as to why.  I will be pleased to find out that I actually dislike things I have convinced myself of believing or liking. I will not discredit any of my thoughts, feelings, or perceptions and I will embrace nuances that cross my path.

See a new you in 2015 by rethinking your resolutions to be more mind healthy.




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