Most people are familiar with the term ‘gut feeling,’ referring to the sensation of intuitively knowing if something is right, and going for it despite typical rationale.

Learning to listen to and trust that gut intuition is actually one of the best things we can do for ourselves, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our stomachs hold thousands of neurotransmitters, more than our brains in fact, making our stomachs somewhat of a second brain. The gut is home to many of the hormones that regulate our energy levels, sex drive, hunger, and our moods. It’s also where our immune system lives. The stomach is very sensitive, however, and with a variety of roles to play, it’s essential we nourish and take care of it.

A diet high in processed foods, meat, sugar, antibiotics, and alcohol puts a heavy burden on this critical part of our systems, and as we get older we begin to feel the effects. Common maladies people experience on a daily basis include heartburn, indigestion, food allergies, heightened susceptibility to illness, ulcers and IBS. This stress on our stomachs dampens our body’s innate capacity to take care of itself and our mental health, and weakens our divine ability to listen to and trust our intuition.

Lifestyle choices can greatly support or degrade the strength and vitality of our stomach health. Taking the following steps will not only improve your digestion and everyday comfort, it will strengthen you emotionally and contribute to your overall vibrancy.

Take probiotics

The health of our systems is greatly dependent on the balance of the bacteria in our stomachs. Probiotics promote the growth of the quality bacteria that is critical in nourishing our entire bodies, and work to reconcile the damage that antibiotics do to our systems.

Drink clean and pure water

Quality water is essential in keeping our system free of toxins and working at its optimal level. Small levels of dehydration put a massive strain on our bodies, so actively hydrating and drinking Penta is an amazing way to support and heal our stomachs.

Learn to breathe deeply

Deep breathing brings oxygen rich air into our stomachs and helps our organs function more efficiently. It also reduces stress that can put a burden on our stomach health and eases tension in our systems, promoting health and wellbeing.

By taking care of our stomach health with the right practices and healthy regimen, we can improve the quality of our daily life and ultimately improve our intuition. When we have healthy stomachs, we are much more apt to have faith in ourselves and we create the foundation to make courageous decisions and live in our truth. Not only does a healthy stomach set the groundwork to reduce common discomforts, it allows us to live brightly and with conviction. Live pure, drink Penta, and honor your strength and intuition within.