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Nic Vaughan

Big Wave Surfer Nic Vaughan's Training Regimen

Tue Mar 22 2016 | Nic Vaughan

"As a big-wave surfer, proper preparation is imperative to ensure success and ultimately survival.  Here is my regimen to train for the largest waves around the...

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Olivia Janisch

The Smart Fitness Routine

Sat Dec 20 2014 | Olivia Janisch

So you have a fitness routine, now what? These simple, yet powerful tools can complement your routine and help you be even more successful in achieving your fit...

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Olivia Janisch

5 Areas Hydration Makes all the Difference

Wed Sep 03 2014 | Olivia Janisch

Adequate, active hydration is key for a vibrant and energetic body and life. When we’re not properly hydrated, we can suffer in multiple areas. Drinking fresh, ...

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Olivia Janisch

4 Tricks to Get into Great Shape Now

Thu Aug 28 2014 | Olivia Janisch

Feeling alive and in shape is critical for a happy life, no matter who you are. Exercise is essential in supporting brain health, creating energy, and flushing ...

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Olivia Janisch

Youth and Vitality at Any Age

Wed Aug 20 2014 | Olivia Janisch

Aging, although one of the few things that universally affects each of us, is something that people have big issues coming to terms with. If it’s not someone in...

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Olivia Janisch

Effective Hydration via the World Cup

Wed Jul 02 2014 | Olivia Janisch

With the World Cup in full force, the focus on athletic performance is high on everyone’s radar. Soccer players are exceptionally fit individuals, running up to...

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