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Penta Water

The Missing Link in Your Beauty Routine

Fri Sep 23 2016 | Penta Water

We’ve heard it before - The human body is made up of approximately 50 to 70 percent water. Staying properly hydrated is what helps us function. And more importa...

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Big Wave Surfer Nic Vaughan on Mental Preparedness

Photo: Bryce Lowe-White | brycelowewhite.com | bryce_lowe_white 

As a big wave surfer, the goal is to push my limits in the largest waves around the globe.  In that never-ending pursuit, I am continually striving to improve every facet of my game.   Important pieces of this puzzle include the physical training, such as strength, balance, speed and flexibility; fine tuning my equipment such as surfboard design and fin selection; and in the event of a worst case scenario, ensuring I know proper safety protocol and logistics.  One facet of preparation often overlooked is the mental acumen.  For any athlete, training not only the physical body but also the mind can have a substantial impact on performance.  Creating a mental fortress has allowed me to approach my big wave surfing sessions with confidence as well as has helped me substantially in moments of turmoil, whether that be a bad wipeout, an overwhelm of anger and frustration, or the ability to consciously reduce nerves when it’s all on the line. 

Nic Vaughan

One of my favorite techniques for building mental confidence is visualization.  Many of my greatest and most successful rides were identical to those that I had...

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Rise of the Food Baby

Penta Water

The Rise of the Food Baby

Wed Jul 20 2016 | Penta Water

Last week, I bumped into an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She looked great—healthy and toned, with vibrant, glowing skin. My eyes settled on her protrudi...

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Leonardo Dicaprio purest sport fitness bottled water

Solar power is hot this year. Leonardo DiCaprio called out climate change in his Oscar speech, the unprecedented climate deal known as the Paris Agreement was signed by 195 countries, and just this week, Apple announced it has formed a new subsidiary company, Apple Energy LLC, to sell surplus solar power generated by its farms in Cupertino and Nevada. 

Penta Water

Penta Celebrates 5 Years of Solar Power

Fri Jun 10 2016 | Penta Water

We’re always psyched to hear of increased support for the sustainable solar cause, but we can’t help but feel a little ahead of the curve on this one. Because t...

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Penta Water

Penta Partners with Autism Hope Alliance

Wed May 25 2016 | Penta Water

 AHA is a non-profit organization that actively research and recommend certain products that are beneficial to the health of its community and their families. D...

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Penta does Coachella 2016

Penta Water

How Penta did Coachella '16

Fri Apr 29 2016 | Penta Water

Oh boy. Coachella 2016 just happened, and it’s gonna take us a minute to process what just went down. Helicopters. Uber lounges. Free socks.

Over the course of t...

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Nic Vaughan

Big Wave Surfer Nic Vaughan's Training Regimen

Tue Mar 22 2016 | Nic Vaughan

"As a big-wave surfer, proper preparation is imperative to ensure success and ultimately survival.  Here is my regimen to train for the largest waves around the...

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Olivia Janisch

Clean Eating- Rules to Live by

Wed Jan 21 2015 | Olivia Janisch

With toxins and chemicals overwhelmingly present in our water and food, avoiding them is very difficult these days. Although it may appear as just another diet ...

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