PENTA WATER - Taste and Feel the Difference!

What is Penta?

Penta Water is ultra purified, energized water that not only fully hydrates, but may also help increase antioxidant activity in your body, making it an easy, refreshing way to stay fully hydrated and to get the extra antioxidant protection you need.

Unlike other antioxidant supplements or beverages that use synthetic additives, Penta Water has no additives so it may be better absorbed to maximize its antioxidant effects.

This is important as antioxidants (molecules capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules) act as reducing agents of oxidized free radicals. Free radicals (which are a byproduct of oxidation that occurs in the body when electrons react during food digestion & exposure to radiation) damage cells and may play a role in heart disease and certain cancers. Antioxidants terminate these chain reactions by oxidizing the molecules. Antioxidants assist in skin repair, strengthening of blood vessels, keeping skin firm, and in helping keep acne under control.

How is Penta able to do this?

Penta Water is first cleaned using a state of the art purification system to remove all impurities. No other bottled water is as pure! The water then goes through the patented Penta process which spins the water at high speed and pressure for 11 hours, and as a result increases antioxidant activity.

What is the proof that this process increases antioxidant activity of the water?

There are now multiple independently conducted scientific studies at leading medical universities that have found the same affect - Penta Water appears to reduce “oxidative activity” at a cellular level. By reducing “oxidative activity” we mean that cells exposed to Penta Water either lived longer, aged at a slower rate or developed less abnormalities. This means that the water either functioned as an antioxidant or enabled the antioxidants in the cell to function or work more effectively.

What are the benefits of drinking Penta water everyday?

  • Helps you feel and be your best everyday. Penta enables proper hydration and increased antioxidant activity, Penta drinkers tell us that when they drink Penta every day they feel energized, alert and simply-healthier.
  • It’s the purest bottled water you can buy. Penta’s state of the art purification system cleans the water more rigorously than any other process. Penta has less than one half of one percent dissolved solids.
  • May help improve the quality and longevity of life. Antioxidants are critical to preventing the occurrence of specific diseases and to protect your body from the effects of aging in general. By making smart diet and lifestyle choices, we increase our odds of avoiding diseases and feeling and looking young, longer. Being properly hydrated is essential to good health. Getting antioxidant protection is also very important. Drinking Penta is one of those pro-active choices that helps ensure you are properly hydrated and improves the odds of getting the antioxidant protection you need.
  • It has a refreshingly light, clean taste. Because it’s the purest water and we use medical grade oxygen to keep the water fresher, longer, Penta’s taste is cleaner and lighter than other waters with absolutely no aftertaste.
  • May help keep your skin feeling and looking younger, longer. A scientific study of Penta’s process conducted at the University of Düsseldorf found that the water may protect skin from the effects of aging and potentially from the effects of sun exposure. This study found that skin cells treated with Penta Water degenerated at a slower rate when exposed to UV light radiation than with regular de-ionized, filtered water. The implication of this study’s finding is that Penta may help skin look and feel young, longer. There is more work under way to further validate this, but the preliminary findings are very exciting.

The History, Mission and Values of the Penta Company

Penta Water Company is a privately owned company founded by the Holloway family of Carlsbad, California. Bill Holloway, the inventor of the patented process that makes Penta Water, began bottling and giving away Penta Water out of his garage in 1997. Bill then began distributing the water to hospitals and health care facilities because people who drank it told of how much they liked the clean taste and how much better drinking Penta made them feel. Some reported that drinking Penta Water helped them overcome their specific illnesses. As the awareness of an interest in Penta Water grew, the Brand became available in Natural and Health Food retailers along with selective Grocery and Drug Stores.

Through word-of mouth, Penta Water also developed a reputation in amateur and professional athletic circles for being water that provided faster, more complete hydration, and improved endurance during competition. Penta currently supplies water to professional football and soccer teams as well as to professional tri-athletes, baseball and basketball players.

Our strongly held conviction is that Penta Water helps its drinkers be and stay active, alert and healthy. The additional studies now completed corroborate that the reason Penta Water works to support overall wellness is because Penta Water enhances or increases antioxidant activity at a cellular level.

Penta is currently available nationwide at Whole Foods, GNC, Wild Oats, Vitamin Store, Ralphs, Henry's and other health food stores.